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The Personal Representative for the estate of a deceased person is responsible for collecting the assets that were owned by the deceased and arranging for payment of debts and taxes. Once the Personal Representative is satisfied that all creditors have be dealt with he or she will distribute the remaining assets and funds in the estate to the persons, trusts or charities who are entitled to receive them as beneficiaries in the estate.

It is often necessary for a Personal Representative to obtain a formal appointment (Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration) by the Surrogate Court before he or she can deal with the estate assets. The Surrogate Court will review the nature of the estate, the form of the Will (if any) and the beneficiaries and family of the deceased.  Once the Court is satisfied that all legal issues have been dealt with, it will appoint the Personal Representative and grant him or her the authority to administer the deceased’s estate.

We can advise you whether a Grant of Probate or Administration is required and, if so, we will prepare and present your application to the Court and assist you with administration of the estate.  If a court application is not required, we can assist you with calling in the assets and administering the estate.


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